1. What can I do if there is a problem with MOIN L1?

-Welcome to contact our customer service info@mirfaklight.com

  1. What's the size and weight of MOIN L1?

-The length, width and height of MOIN L1 are 38 x 38 x 39 mm, weighing 270g. 

  1. Why did I get the MOIN L1 without Color Filter?

-The Color Filter is only given to the partner as gift for testing, and you could buy it in our website if you need Color filters

  1. How long can the battery of MOIN L1 last for full charge?

-For fully charged, the light can be used for 2 hours at 100% brightness. 

  1. Where can I download the APP for MOIN L1?

-The android version could be downloaded from Google Play and iOS version from AppStore . Or you can download at the bottom of the homepage. 

  1. Can the MOIN L1 be used in sea water?

-Yes, you can use the light under sea water. 

  1. My MOIN L1 can't connect to APP. How to deal with it?

-Firstly, make sure your Bluetooth is open and within the range of connectivity;

-Secondly, wake up the light (press the button for one second);

-Then, open the APP (confirm that the APP is the latest version) to pair the light and the APP. 

  1. It is suggested that the light needs to be upgraded when pairing with the APP every time. What should I do?

-Firstly, ensure the light is non-charged;

-Secondly, press the buttons for 10 seconds to reset the light;

-Then, press the button for one second to wake up the light;

-Try again to pair the light and the APP. 

  1. How to connect Gopro, camera or drone?

-There is a 1/4-20 screw at the bottom of the light. With a hot shoe, the light can be connected to Gorpo, camera, and drone.  

  1. It's the box that says the maximum lumen is 560 lumen, while the website is ≥1000lm, why?

-The maximum illumination brightness of MOIN L1 is 560 lumen. Besides, there is an super brightness mode in the APP, which can double the brightness of the light.

TIP: When using the super brightness mode, you must pay attention to the temperature of the front glass panel in case of excessive temperature.  

  1. What does 200% brightness mean?

-The brightness of the light can be doubled in super brightness mode, so it's 200% brightness.  

  1. How to reset MOIN L1?

-The MOIN L1 can be reset by pressing the button for 10 seconds.  

  1. Why can't I operate my MOIN L1, neither debug nor shutdown?

-You can try to reset the light.  

  1. Why can’t I turn on the light just received?

-It is normal the light received has no electricity because of the long-distance transportation, and it can be used normally after charging. 

  1. Can I use the MOIN L1 without APP control?

-Of course yes! The MOIN L1 can be used normally without APP.